Design can give contact centre outsourcers an edge in the North American market

As we learned in our previous post, there is a trend in the North American market to resist outsourcing with third-party contact centers [1].

“Despite a trend of shrinking in-house contact center budgets, the North American market is one in which many enterprises are more willing to assert their own buying power rather than partner with a third party,” said Peter Ryan of Ryan Strategic Advisory.

Customer experience may save contact centre outsourcers in the U.S.

Contact center outsourcers (CCO) hoping to break into the North America market face considerable commercial pressures. While the United States holds the largest share in the contact center industry, with a steady 1.5 percent growth in 2016[1], CCOs account for less than 20% of the industry in the U.S., and not much more in Canada. More importantly, as Peter Ryan of Ryan Strategic Advisory observes, there is a trend in North America to resist outsourcing with third-party contact centres.[2]

Which technology will change contact centres in 2018?

Ask five technology experts about the tech that will change contact centres in 2018 and you will probably get five different answers. Everyone has a different view on what is important and how the systems that agents use might evolve as the contact centre becomes more integral to the relationship between brand and customer. 

The top six CX trends to watch in 2018

It’s the start of the year and I have been browsing the business journals and blogs exploring the key customer experience (CX) trends that most companies seem to be focused on. As we are still in January there are dozens of articles suggesting the key CX trends for 2018, but based on my own experience and research I believe these are going to be the top 6 areas worth focusing on this year.

ICMI: The Top 50 Global Contact Centre Thought Leaders

ICMI is one of the biggest contact centre associations in the world. Based in Colorado, they produce research on what is happening in the global contact centre market along with other resources, such as consulting and training. They recently published a list of the top 50 contact centre experts in the world.

Turn your contact centre into a profit generator

The other day, I came across a report albeit not a very recent one (Collapse of the Cost Center: Driving Contact Center Profitability), by International Customer Management Institute, 2015 which points out that over 62% of contact centers were thought to be perceived as a cost center by their organizations

Respecting the superheroes who keep contact centres going

Way back in the early part of this century Channel 4 News ran a campaign focused on how contact centres were having a detrimental effect on the life of those who worked in them. Shamed as ‘dark satanic mills’ by the Blake-quoting reporters, the contact centres at the time were presented as little more than the modern-day equivalents of the Victorian workhouse.

Your contact centre could be the best sales team ever

Some business commentators have recently argued that the traditional contact centre is finished. Robots, voice recognition and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are all creating an environment where customers will no longer need to speak to a human when they need help – the robots will be faster and better.

I beg to differ. The technology is getting better no doubt, but I believe the role of the contact centre agent is becoming more important than ever for brands that want to build a better relationship with their customers. With an increasingly complex customer journey, this ability to empathise and connect is more important than ever.

How to create superhero agents in your contact centre

This whitepaper explores how the roles of contact centres agents has changed over the years from just being cost to sales department to creating profits by being a part of sales process. Contact centres have opportunities to get closer to the customer as the process of handling customer enquiries is becoming more complex.

How digital meets human

Contact centres globally are facing tough challenges. With increasing competition, limited budgets, disruptive innovations, and more, contact centres are seeking new strategies and technologies to better serve customers and increase conversions and revenue.

This white paper explores a critical factor to increasing revenue in contact centres: the integration of a digital platform. If a digital platform is properly integrated, it can guide agents during customer interactions and sales opportunities and determine the success of c-stat, NPS, conversions, and revenue. An effective integration will deliver a high quality customer experience, while developing customer interactions toward opportune moments for cross-selling and upselling.

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