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The other day, I came across a report albeit not a very recent one (Collapse of the Cost Center: Driving Contact Center Profitability), by International Customer Management Institute, 2015 which points out that over 62% of contact centers were thought to be perceived as a cost center by their organizations

My gut feeling is that this number hasn’t improved massively for the last couple of years. What these organization need is a renewed focus and strategy to help them reap the full benefits and increase revenue conversions.


Here’s how this can be done:

Revisit the traditional model

Contact centres have been focused on serving only the traditional needs – providing basic customer service, making operations more efficient and reducing operational costs.

Since this model has been developed, there have been leaps and bounds in technology, the marketplace, consumer habits and expectations that the contact –centres haven’t been able to catch-up. It therefore becomes imperative to revisit this model.

Update your contact centre strategy

The potentials for your contact centre to support your big-picture strategy has grown and increasingly recognised as a potential for revenue generation not just a cost base.

Contact centres become profit centres when they are equipped to do more than satisfy basic customer needs and fulfill first-call resolutions (FCRs). A contact centre agent, with the right digital support, can cultivate meaningful customer interactions and turn customers into loyal advocates of your brand.

Increase revenue by getting personal

Generating profits at a contact centre begins with getting your priorities straight and the one central value driving all your processes should be personalisation.

Customers are looking for personalised, informative interactions based on their unique desires. When customers get this personalised attention, they end up spending more money on your products and services.


Contact centres globally are improving customer service by focusing on three key areas all aimed at personalising their interactions.

1. Accuracy and quality of information

Give your customers accurate information specific to their needs and they’ll be more loyal to your company and more willing to make purchases. This not only makes happier customers but helps your agent with relevant cross-sells or upsells.

2. Ease of interaction

Make it easy, solve it quickly. No one wants to spend lots of time explaining when speaking to an agent. If the agent is well-versed in customer needs and supported by a digital platform, they are able to facilitate quick, easy interactions, with a jump in customer loyalty. 

3. Access to the contact center

Customers want to talk to human agents who are knowledgeable and competent, and can solve complex problems. And while the agent is helping sort through the issue, they can use this an opportunity to inform customers about new products and services.


The more personalised agents can make customer sales journeys, the greater likelihood of increasing customers’ satisfaction and revenue.

In our next post, we’ll explore next steps in turning your contact centre into a profit center. 

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