ICMI: The Top 50 Global Contact Centre Thought Leaders

ICMI is one of the biggest contact centre associations in the world. Based in Colorado, they produce research on what is happening in the global contact centre market along with other resources, such as consulting and training. They recently published a list of the top 50 contact centre experts in the world.

Naturally I was interested. The emphasis here was on thought leaders who regularly publish original material online - especially on social networks such as Twitter. For all those who dismiss networks like Twitter as just noise, this kind of list proves that if you use it in a curated way, it can be full of insights into your industry.

The ICMI Top 50 thought leaders list was selected by allowing people to vote online for their favourite commentator or expert. The one problem I have with this kind of selection process, when compared to using a judging panel, is that it favours those who have the biggest social following. So if a commentator has a big Twitter following, they can ask their followers to vote, which means they win the award without necessarily being the best choice, but it’s hard to create a list like this without great expense so I understand why online voting works.

The list is good. There are some clear stand-out choices in people like Shep Hyken and Marsha Collier being in the top 5. Then Bill Quiseng and Blake Morgan are in around the middle of the field and Kate Nasser is lower down the list, perhaps unfairly given how much she contributes to the customer experience (CX) debate.

The list is a mix of analysts, CX executives, and journalists or bloggers with a focus on CX. Naturally I think there are some leading voices that don’t feature on this list and deserve a place. Stephen Loynd from Frost & Sullivan is a great advocate for contact centres and how they are developing - a really deep thinker. Rod Jones is a veteran of the contact centre industry and known as a leading advisor all over the world. Peter Ryan of Ryan Strategic Advisory has been publishing some fantastic research -  especially after creating his own advisory company. Phil Fersht created the Horses For Sources blog and turned that into HfS Research - one of the leading analysts in this space.

Every list will have a few names missing because we all have different opinions on who are the most trusted advisors, but I’d love to see an updated ICMI list next year featuring some of these really important names from the contact centre analyst community.

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