Revenue Conversions - Maximise cross-sells and upsells

4 ways maximize revenue at contact centres

A digital solution that supports agent-customer interactions can boost your cross-sells and upsells.

Our last post, Invest in the right solution to increase revenue conversions explored how a digital solution can help contact centres personalise customer interactions and leverage key opportunities to cross-sell and upsell. But what other strategies can a contact centres use to transform from a cost center into a revenue generator?

Of course factors such as product pricing, service options, and market research all contribute to cross-selling and upselling success. But once those factors have been established, consider these four ways contact centres can maximize cross-sells and upsells.

  1. Value the agent

Many contact centres are relying upon automation to resolve customer issues. But automation is greatly limited in assessing the complexity of customer demands and the nuances of saleable opportunities. In other words, machines do not make sales and generate revenue; agents do.

43% of customers report being dissatisfied with the amount of time it takes to reach agents.* Why? Because when customers have complex problems, they want to talk to human agents who are knowledgeable and competent. So, value your agents, because they are the ones that determine the customer experience and leverage saleable opportunities.


  1. Support the agent

Contact centres that support agents provide ongoing training, create quality work environments, and survey agents to assess further improvements to increase employee satisfaction.

Happy agents make for happy customers. It has been found that for every “1pt you manage to increase your Employee NPS score, your Customer NPS will also increase by 1pt.”**


  1. Leverage Metrics

In addition to coaching agents, invest in a digital platform that coaches agents through each interaction, using metric profiles of each customer in real time. Your digital platform should be guiding agents while they are engaged with customers in conversation, so they can tailor their conversation to customers’ unique needs. That means that agents can immediately leverage the metrics to make personalised suggestions about additional services and new products the customer may take up.


  1. Gamify customer interactions

Gamifying customer interactions is yet another way a digital platform can educate agents regarding sales opportunities. Gamification turns a routine process into a game. It uses game elements such as specific actions with objectives; criteria to qualify for new levels; and rewards when you “level up”. Gamification not only makes the job more fun for agents, but it also guides agents through routine processes to make them more successful at completing them.

For example, gamification combines customer interactions with game elements to guide, support, and encourage agents as they work, or rather “play” to solve customer issues, offer cross-sells and upsells, and overall increase revenue.

What other strategies can contact centres use to maximize cross-sells and upsells?

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*“Get It Right: Deliver the Omni-Channel Support Customers Want”, Ovum 2016.

*“The 2017 guide to improving your contact centre Net Promoter Score,” Bright, 2017.

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