Honeybee Podcast Episode #103 - Mauricio Velásquez on contact center innovation

In episode #103 of our honeybee podcast series, we spoke with Mauricio Velásquez about innovations in contact centers. Based in Bogotá, Columbia, Mauricio has been working in the contact center industry for 25 years, and he has been consulting in the industry for nearly a decade.

Some of the topics we discuss in episode #103 include:

  • The 5 types of innovation in contact centers today
  • What enterprises are doing to successfully integrate new innovations
  • The importance of an enterprise’s culture and attitude toward innovation
  • What vendors in this space really need to be focusing on

“Enterprises and companies are really confused right now,” Mauricio said, “because of all these buzz words...”

We talk about how to turn the buzz words of the industry (automation, CX, etc.) into a reality.

Listen to Mauricio Velásquez on honeybee podcast episode #103 here

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