Mark Hillary

Mark Hillary

Analyst and Writer
Mark has  an extensive track record of contributing to business media and opinion all over the world. He has written for the BBC, Financial Times, and Huffington Post with a focus on CX, technology, and the future of work. He edits the podcast and online magazine CX Files, focused entirely on best practice in customer experience. Mark has published 15 books on technology and has experience teaching MBAs in London and speaking at major conferences on five continents. He has advised the UN on technology development in Nigeria and Bangladesh and has helped several governments with the development of ICT related policies. He was an official London 2012 Olympic blogger and was the first ever blogger hired by the British government's department of education in 2010.

Ask five technology experts about the tech that will change contact centres in 2018 and you will probably get five different answers. Everyone has a different view on what is important and how the systems that agents use might evolve as the contact centre becomes more integral to the relationship between brand and customer. 

Monday, 12 February 2018 09:53

The top six CX trends to watch in 2018

It’s the start of the year and I have been browsing the business journals and blogs exploring the key customer experience (CX) trends that most companies seem to be focused on. As we are still in January there are dozens of articles suggesting the key CX trends for 2018, but based on my own experience and research I believe these are going to be the top 6 areas worth focusing on this year.

ICMI is one of the biggest contact centre associations in the world. Based in Colorado, they produce research on what is happening in the global contact centre market along with other resources, such as consulting and training. They recently published a list of the top 50 contact centre experts in the world.

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honeybee was created by people who've lived and breathed the challenges of complex retail businesses and contact centres, where creating exciting and engaging customer experiences was always threatened with speed to market pressures, legacy systems that were hard to intergrate and small project budgets.

We realised there had to be a better way, so we brought together the right people - from operational execution and employee engagement through to journey design and technical experts to make our vision a reality. We wanted to make it easier for companies to design and launch exceptional customer journeys.