Shane Zimmer

Shane Zimmer

Shane is a honeybee correspondent and B2B and B2C content developer. His work focuses on solutions that improve the marketplace with a holistic approach to serving customers, increasing business, and improving the world.

Thursday, 16 November 2017 14:09

How digital meets human

Contact centres globally are facing tough challenges. With increasing competition, limited budgets, disruptive innovations, and more, contact centres are seeking new strategies and technologies to better serve customers and increase conversions and revenue.

This white paper explores a critical factor to increasing revenue in contact centres: the integration of a digital platform. If a digital platform is properly integrated, it can guide agents during customer interactions and sales opportunities and determine the success of c-stat, NPS, conversions, and revenue. An effective integration will deliver a high quality customer experience, while developing customer interactions toward opportune moments for cross-selling and upselling.