Jonathan Best

Jonathan Best

Chief Sales Officer
Jonathan leads our sales team, working hard with the rapidly growing number of companies around the world who see the value in digitally supporting their sales people. Previously SVP Europe for Kony Inc., VP Health Sciences at Oracle and has held a number of roles with SAP, including leadership of their sales operations in China and Japan.

As we learned in our previous post, there is a trend in the North American market to resist outsourcing with third-party contact centers [1].

“Despite a trend of shrinking in-house contact center budgets, the North American market is one in which many enterprises are more willing to assert their own buying power rather than partner with a third party,” said Peter Ryan of Ryan Strategic Advisory.

Contact center outsourcers (CCO) hoping to break into the North America market face considerable commercial pressures. While the United States holds the largest share in the contact center industry, with a steady 1.5 percent growth in 2016[1], CCOs account for less than 20% of the industry in the U.S., and not much more in Canada. More importantly, as Peter Ryan of Ryan Strategic Advisory observes, there is a trend in North America to resist outsourcing with third-party contact centres.[2]

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honeybee was created by people who've lived and breathed the challenges of complex retail businesses and contact centres, where creating exciting and engaging customer experiences was always threatened with speed to market pressures, legacy systems that were hard to intergrate and small project budgets.

We realised there had to be a better way, so we brought together the right people - from operational execution and employee engagement through to journey design and technical experts to make our vision a reality. We wanted to make it easier for companies to design and launch exceptional customer journeys.