Contact Centre Journeys

Configurable contact centre journey designed using rich customer insight and knowledge from expert sales agents

Our solution

In the race to optimise call centre operations, organisations increasingly turn to technology for creative and innovative solutions to enrich customer experiences and reduce friction for their customers in all their channels.

In this search it's important to find technologies that can quickly and easily slot into your technology ecosystem and add value quickly.

honeybee Contact Centre is our configurable contact centre journey solution, which when rolled out across your call centre, empowers your sales agents to sell more confidently, providing every customer with a personalised recommendation based on their needs.

Single, seamless agent sales tool

Simplify your sales process by replacing the suite of complex tools and systems your agents currently use with a single easy-to-use solution. Configurable journeys allow you to make changes quickly without any development expertise.

Honeybee screenshot
Honeybee screenshot

Making the right recommendations

Watch your average basket increase in size and value by offering enticing upgrades, extras and accessories that are tailored to the customer's order at the right time and in the right place.

Empowering expert sales agents

Accelerate their time to competency to get them up and running quickly, helping them to give your customers a higher quality and more consistent experience. Unify your customer, product and order systems giving your agents access to all the information they need to deliver a frictionless experience for the customer.

Honeybee screenshot
Honeybee screenshot

Personalised agent insights

Comprehensive real-time journey analytics and personalised agent gamification, giving sales agents the ability to improve in every sale.

Webhelp increases conversion by 57% using Contact Centre journeys

When Webhelp recognised the value of introducing guided selling into their contact centre sales channels, they turned to honeybee to help. Using the Contact Centre Journeys product, they were able to empower their sales agents to find the right mobile package for the customer by assessing their needs and making tailored recommendations as well as suggesting useful cross sell options.

We helped them reduce the number of tools they had to use in the sales process, and provided an easy to learn and easy to use tool. As well as making relevant recommendations, their sales agents were able to quickly and easily locate product details, ensure that they met all the regulatory requirements and easily transfer the details into the order management system.

This meant they were able to increase conversion by 57% and net revenue by 11%.

Revolutionise your customer experience