Comprehensive real-time journey analytics and personalised agent gamification, giving agents the ability to improve in every sale

Our solution

In today's data driven culture, organisations are seeking more granular and individualised insight into each journey, interaction and every sales agent. No longer is it enough to know where in the journey someone dropped out but instead we must recognise who they were talking to, what they were looking at, and understand the full context of every interaction.

Using honeybee Insights agents gain live, personalised insight into their performance, leading to increased sales performance and employee engagement. Personalised gamification helps coaches and managers to focus on the right behaviours for every individual, and tailored micro-learning for each agent accelerates their on-boarding, reducing time to competency.

Instant feedback on your journeys

At a glance identify what's working and what's not, with the ability to track granular points in your sales journey, and adjust your journey configuration quickly and easily. Filter results from a global scale down to each individual user, with customisable role-centric dashboards so everyone in your team gets the right information for them.

Honeybee screenshot

Better learning experience & environment

The dedicated sales agent homepage is a fast and engaging way to reach your sales staff and ensure key offers, priorities and messages reach them quickly and clearly.

Automated, personalised journey feedback lets your business engage with each and every sales agent, with new joiners benefiting from quicker time to competence through higher quality training.

Personalised gamification

Get your team excited to sell, with regular challenges, awards and badges that can be customised to meet your sales targets and goals. Encourage healthy competition between individuals and teams to collectively drive sales while having fun at the same time!

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Measure and encourage best practice and compliance

Take control of regulatory requirements in your industry to ensure both your team and journey are fully compliant, measuring who follows best practice and highlighting to individual agents where they can improve. Combined with honeybee Platform, quickly update your journey across all channels to respond to any mandatory changes.

Dixons Carphone offers employees personalised insights and gamification

Dixons Carphone realised that truly engaging experiences rely not only on engaged customers but also engaged sales agents. Once they implemented the honeybee Retail Journeys they quickly followed this with implementing Insights, with its unique personliased sales agent analytics which allowed every agent to identify their own individual areas of success and improvement.

Managers and coaches were able to set out best practice for their whole team and encourage on going improvement using personalised gamification. This combined with honeybee Insights unique micro-learning features meant that agents could upskill quickly and continue to improve in each sale, leading to a 70% reduction in time to competency.

Empower your sales agents